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Another success of the Atbasar repair plant

Kamkor Lokomotiv LLP within the framework of the production diversification program, has confidently entered the market of repair of rolling stock for the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex.

So, during 2016-2017, the branch "Atbasar Electric Locomotive Repair Plant" (АЭРЗ) for the first time in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan overhauled two traction units of the ОПЭ-1АМ series - No. 088 and No. 098, which are currently successfully operated on the territory of the Kochar site of the “Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe mining and processing enterprise an association".
And already in the first quarter of 2018, the Atbasar specialists successfully completed the overhaul of the traction unit ОПЭ-1А No. 096.
By the way, the Atbasarsky electric locomotive repair plant for the prompt commissioning and carrying out of commissioning tests of traction units organized a testing ground with a voltage in the contact network of 10kV, 400 meters long and developed a scheme that allows sending the traction unit after repair on its own trucks.
As a result of all these measures, the commissioning time after repair of traction units was reduced, which is very beneficial for the Customer.

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