Камкор менеджмент


Overhaul according to schedule

The branch of Temirzhol zhondeu LLP Aktobe Track Maintenance Train with the participation of employees of the central office in the framework of the implementation of the contract for the overhaul of the way of the volume of 2018 from 04.04 to 05.04.2018..  

Carried out the first 36-hour track possession with the laying of new Foslo domestic ferro-concrete sleepers with Skl SL1 fastening according to the approved schedule to the Aktobe branch of the road НОД ГП 11, Shalkar distance of the  ПЧ-8  track along the 1 main road of the Akkespe station. The work was completed ahead of schedule in 32 hours 10 minutes, 1020.48 m was done, and also secondary ballasting of crushed stone with lifting and padding with Элб and ВПО3000 machines.
A total of 42 units of HDV-1680 m³ of crushed stone were unloaded. 46 track monitors, 22 machine operators, 11 road and tractor units were used in the process!

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