Камкор менеджмент


Fire safety in control

On March 28, 2018, in order to protect and ensure safe working conditions in the workplace, unplanned fire and tactical exercises were organized in the branches of Kamkor Lokomotiv LLP, Kamkor Wagon LLP and TEK-KAZAKHSTAN LLP.

Unscheduled firefighting exercises were successfully conducted in the Pavlodar car repair depot, Aktobe locomotive repair depot, and in the fuel depots in Atyrau and Kandyagash.
Verification exercises are conducted in conditions and pace, which is the closest to the real situation. Approximately 400 workers took part in the exercise, personnel actions on fire, fire alarm, evacuation rules, managers and workers reaction to the occurrence of a fire, practical actions of the warning scheme, actions of workers in the process of fire extinguishing by primary firefighting means, first aid were worked over, fire exits were tested, etc.
Video fixing was also conducted, on the basis of which, after the completion of unscheduled exercises, all the actions of the participants were considered in detail and measures were developed to further improve fire safety in the workplace.
In the group of companies "Kamkor Management" the training and tactical exercises on fire safety are held on a regular basis according to the approved schedule with the participation of the regional representatives of the Committee of ESRK.
Unplanned inspections of firefighting work are conducted with the aim of developing additional measures to increase the vigilance and responsibility of management and all personnel in relation to fire safety.

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