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The construction of a highway crossing on the Espe station – Shokpar station section completed

2019 started with the successful completion of the highway crossing construction at the Espe station by the team of “Temirzhol Zhondeu” LLP. This object was the final part of the “Construction of the second tracks on the Almaty – Shu section” project within the “Nurly Zhol - Way to the future” New economic policy ".

It should be noted that earlier “Temirzhol Zhondeu” LLP built and put into operation three crossings: one railway and one highway on the construction site of “Shalkar – Beineu” new railway on “Zhezkazgan – Beineu” line, one highway on new construction site of the “Borzhakty – Ersay” railway line. And for the first time the “Espe-Shokpar” crossing was built under the conditions of unhindered trains movement and under constant voltage of the contact network. Active support of the technological process implementation for the crossing construction was provided by the following operating units of “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC: Shu power supply department, Shu warning and communication department, Shu track maintenance department, Shu station emergency train, dispatch and command unit of Zhambyl General Operating Division and Highway Network Division. Special words of gratitude to those who took an active part in this project!

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