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Fire alarm in fuel depots

A fire alarm was sounded at 46 fuel depots of the TEK-KAZAKHSTAN LLP located in all regions of Kazakhstan on January 12, at 10.30, according to the instructions of the General Director of the Kamkor Management, Dias Suleimenov.

Training Fire Alarm started the Unscheduled Fire Fighting Exercises to test readiness of personnel and equipment of theTEK - KAZAKHSTAN LLP fuel depots to eliminate fire and prevent emergency situations.

An Operational Headquarters for conducting an unscheduled fire fighting exercise headed by the Deputy General Director of the Kamkor Management LLP Dimash Khasenov was created for the purpose of control.

Testing exercises were conducted at conditions and pace, closest to real situation. About 500 employees took part in the exercise, personnel actions were performed when a fire source was detected, fire alarm, evacuation rules, managers and employees responding to fire, practical actions of the alert scheme, employees actions during fire suppression with primary fire extinguishing agents, first aid, fire exits check, etc. City and district fire services were involved in the exercise in addition to shift personnel, fire engines were used, foam extinguishing of discharge and auto-loading racks was launched.

All actions of the participants were considered in detail and measures were taken to further improvefire safety in fuel depots after the end of the unscheduled exercises based on the video recording.

Fire safety scheduled exercises are conducted on an ongoing basis in the group of companies Kamkor Management in accordance with the approved schedule with participation of regional representatives of the Committee for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of theRepublic of Kazakhstan, as well as sudden inspections and unscheduled exercises are being conducted, which certainly ensures an increase in the fire safety level.

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