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Production of special equipment

Kamkor Lokomotiv LLP continues to develop the production of special non-standard equipment for its own needs on the basis of the Atbasar Electric Locomotive Repair Plant.

As we have previously reported, this year for the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Service Center Aktobe launched and successfully mastered the overhaul of the main diesel locomotive of the ТЭ33А series “Evolution”. To date, 2 units of locomotives have been commissioned.
Employees of Atbasar ERP developed a project for carrying out a major overhaul and a metal leveling table was made to control the geometrical parameters of the frames of diesel locomotive carts ТЭ33А.
Also, for the needs of the Aktobe Service Center, employees of the Atbasar ERP manufactured:
- Trestles for lifting to the locomotive ТЭ33А;
- Platforms for repair of windshields TE33A.
Previously, the pilot samples of this equipment for the locomotives of the KZ4A series were installed at the JPL Astana, during the operation of the devices, the safety and convenience of the work performed were ensured, and labor productivity was improved.
In 2019, Atbasar Electric Locomotive Repair Plant intends to manufacture about 50 units of the above equipment, thereby ensuring all branches of Kamkor Lokomotiv.

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