Камкор менеджмент


Kamkor Wagon company launched new wagon wheel workshop.

Kamkor Wagon one of the largest enterprises of the Kamkor Management, which repair more than 15000 freights and 25000 wagon wheels annually, continues its strategic development of new services such as wagon wheel workshops.

22 October 2020, General Director of Kamkor Manamagement Dias Suleimenov opened new workshop in Pavlodar Wagon Repair Depot. Company invested 170mln tenge in this project.

Modern double-action press equipment, turning-carousel and turning-rolling machines purchased for the organization of the Wagon wheels workshops.

The main purpose of the opening of the Wagon-wheeled workshops is to organize repairs on the principle of "One Window" which will provide:

-Production of full-cycle repairs of freight wagon and wheeled pairs at one plant;

-Reducing the number of downtimes in the repair of freight wagons;

- Reducing the cost of customers for the transportation of wheel pairs

Pavdodar wagon workshops will provide up to 3,000 units of wheel pairs per year.

This project will continue in Karaganda Wagon Repair Deport in 2021. Company plans to invest 200mln tenge and to increase production of wheel pairs up to 5000 units per year. In general, company plans to invest 1bln tenge to open wagon wheel workshops in all branches of Kamkor Wagon around Kazakhstan.

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