Камкор менеджмент


Workers of the Kazalin locomotive repair plant have mastered the repair technology of maneuver locomotive CHME3t

Technical Service was carried out in full, all the nodes and parts of the locomotive were repaired in strict accordance with the Rules for the repair of locomotives of CHME3t series.

Also during the repair of the locomotive workers mastered:

  • Repairing the frame of trolleys with the restoration of geometric parameters;
  • Repair of TE-006-type traction electric motors
  • Repair of wheel pairs, with the replacement of bandages and discarded elements;
  • Repair of electrical and pneumatic equipment.

LRP Kazalinsk specializes in performing large repairs of locomotives. The high quality of the services provided by Kazalinks LRP allows us to confidently operate in a competitive environment, which is confirmed by the increase in the number of third-party customers by more than 30 percent.

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