Камкор менеджмент


"Gasification of the branch Car-wheel workshops of Almaty-1 station"

In order to fulfill the approved environmental program "Kamkor GREEN" and the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001-2016 "Environmental Management System", as well as to improve the ecological environment of the region, this year, work was carried out on gasification of the branch "VKM st. Almaty-1 "Kamkor Vagon" LLP.

As part of the transfer of the heating system of the branch from solid fuel to gas, the following works were performed:
a technical condition for gasification and an architectural and planning assignment for design were obtained;
a project for gasification of a boiler house was developed and approved by the State Institution for the Management of Urban Planning and Urbanism of Almaty;
steam boilers manufactured in 1998 were dismantled and deregistered by the emergency authorities;
installed automated gas and water heating boilers;
the morally and physically obsolete steam heating system, built in 1936, was reconstructed for a water heating system with the installation of new radiators in all production and office premises;
ongoing repairs of the boiler room interior with polymer flooring;
the outer walls of the boiler house of the branch were clad with metal siding.

Gasification of the VKM Almaty branch made it possible to exclude the purchase of solid fuel (coal), which reduced emissions into the environment by 85%.


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