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Atbasar Electric Locomotive Repair Plant has manufactured a washing chamber

Within the framework of the Kamkor GREEN environmental program, the Atbasar Electric Locomotive Repair Plant, a branch of Kamkor Lokomotiv LLP, manufactured a washing chamber using a Kercher washing machine for washing traction motors of the electric machine shop, such as NB-418k6, ED-118A. This project was carried out in order to save energy resources of the company and to ensure the implementation of washing without the presence of a person inside the chamber itself. Also in this project, a system for recycling used water after washing the traction electric motor in the chamber is implemented.

Modernization of the washing department will allow:

• Improve the quality of cleaning parts when washing the traction electric motor.

• Reduce energy and water consumption.

• Saving time.

• Protect workers when cleaning parts.

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