Камкор менеджмент


Preparation for the spring commission inspection at the branches of «Kamkor Lokomotiv» LLP

With the beginning of the calendar spring 2021, in all branches of «Kamkor Lokomotiv» LLP, the process of preparation for the spring commission inspection of industrial buildings and structures has begun.

The purpose of this event is to ensure the stable operation of service centers during the summer period. This is one of the systemic measures aimed at improving the quality of the provided maintenance services in order to ensure the safety of train traffic.

Due to particularly difficult epidemiological conditions, all measures have been taken this year to protect the health of workers. When conducting a spring commission inspection, attention is paid to the implementation of a comprehensive plan, measures and work to improve labor conditions and labor protection in the field, the state of labor protection, the state of sanitary facilities, the situation with the provision of workers with overalls, special footwear and PPE.

Control over all work of the East Kazakhstan region is carried out by a commission headed by the Technical Director and heads of divisions of «Kamkor Lokomotiv» LLP

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