Камкор менеджмент


Overhaul of railway tracks

Since March 5, 2021, by the forces of the branch of Temirzhol zhundeu LLP - PMS Aktube, a major overhaul of the single-track section of the section from section 12 to section 13 of the Mangystau region is being carried out. As of March 28, 9.7 km of track have been completed, out of the total volume of the section 17.461 km.

The track was ballasted with crushed stone in the amount of 19 thousand m3

The profile and plan of the section being repaired is complex, there are 45% of the sections with curves, excavations with a length of 3.7 km and 33 artificial structures.

The production process is carried out by highly qualified specialists: road foremen, track fitters and machine operators of track and tractor equipment. The work is carried out using heavy-duty machines VPO, ELB-4, a complex of Austrian equipment DUOMATIC, PRB and 150 units of hopper-dosed wagons.

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