Камкор менеджмент


The results of 3 months on the sewing of rail and sleepers rails of Temirzhol zhondeu LLP

With the Plan for sewing rail and sleepers on Temirzhol zhondeu 55.1 km, 60.275 km or 109% were completed (January, February, March).

Including for the month of March The plan for sewing rail and sleepers across Temirzhol zhondeu - 26 km, fact - 27.2 km or 105%, of which according to the PMS:

PMS "Astana" plan 7.125 km., Actual 7.475 km / 105%

PMS "Birlik" plan 8.25 km., Fact 8.9 km / 108%

PMS Aktobe plan 10.625 km., Fact 10.825 km / 102%

All the plans were overfulfilled!

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