Камкор менеджмент


With the beginning of spring, subbotniks are traditionally held in all branches of Kamkor Wagon!

And since the beginning of April, the employees of Kamkor Wagon, not only beautify the territory of the car repair depots, but are also actively engaged in green spaces on the territory of the Kamkor Management alleys, arranged in the city parks of the Shalkar and Kazaly single-industry towns under the annual Kamkor PARK campaign.

The territory of the alleys is being cleaned, the technical condition of the street lighting poles is checked, the paving slabs and benches for the rest of the residents of monocities are washed and cleaned. Inspection of the condition of seedlings, sowing and roll lawn after leaving the winter. The irrigation irrigation ditches for seedlings were cleaned, the water supply system for lawn irrigation was launched and root fertilization was carried out.

The results of survival are good, thanks to the competent approach of the employees of our branches to the care of seedlings, timely fertilization, loosening and watering of the pre-root soil.

And Kamkor Vagon has big plans ahead of creating green alleys in the regions where it is urgently needed!

So, according to the comprehensive program "Kamkor GREEN" the next action "Kamkor PARK" will take place in 2021 on the territory of st. Karagandy-Sortirovochnaya, where the future alley will become the center of a healthy lifestyle, jogging and evening walks for families of workers of steel highways!

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