Камкор менеджмент


Green initiatives of the ecological program "KAMKOR GREEN" come to the rescue

Dozens of houses were flooded near Nur-Sultan in the village of Koyandy.

In the houses of local residents, large water came in the middle of the night, when all the residents were fast asleep.

Furniture and household appliances drowned in 5 minutes, nothing was saved, and in 15 minutes the house was completely flooded - said one of the residents of the village of Koyandy

These days, rescuers and local authorized bodies of the village are actively carrying out rescue operations to pump out melt water.

"Kamkor Management" company contributed to the rescue of flooded houses in the village of Koyandy

On April 9, the following were transferred to the local akimat:

5 motor pumps-3 water and 2 mud pumps,

10 crowbars and 10 shovels,

3000 bags, as well as sleeves with a diameter of 80mm 100pcs per 2000m.

We wish all residents of the village of Koyandy to return to their homes as soon as possible!

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