Камкор менеджмент


Spring commission inspection at the branches of "Kamkor Vagon" LLP

The annual spring commission inspection has been completed in the branches of “Kamkor Vagon” LLP.

The purpose of the spring commission inspection is to inspect the technical condition of all technical equipment involved in the production process and life support facilities of the boiler and water supply, as well as the condition of buildings and structures.

In the course of the commission inspection in all branches, the condition of the roof of the main industrial buildings and structures was inspected. An audit of the boiler and compressor facilities was carried out, the technical condition of more than 1000 units of technological equipment, 150 units of lifting mechanisms, means of non-destructive testing and diagnostics, as well as video surveillance and fire alarm systems were checked.Primary fire extinguishing means were examined. The condition of social and domestic premises was examined. Waste cleaning was carried out on the territory of branches of more than 40 hectares and access roads with a total length of more than 15 km.

All the Heads of the CA Partnership took part in the commission examination. Based on the results of the commission inspection, measures were developed to eliminate the identified comments in order to ensure further uninterrupted and safe operation of the Kamkor Vagon branches.

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