Камкор менеджмент


General Director of Kamkor Management Dias Suleimenov received the vaccine against Covid-19 vaccine.

The management and labor collectives of the Kamkor Management group of companies headed by D. Suleimenov actively supported the appeal of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym - Zhomart Tokayev that “only vaccination of citizens of Kazakhstan and the formation of collective immunity will allow us to defeat the coronavirus, remove all restrictions, and ensure the restoration of the usual life of citizens and economic activity ”!

Showing social initiative and concern for the health of others, the managing director of "Kamkor Management" I. Karsybekov, the head of the Kamkor Magistral Trade Union S. Baikadamova, as well as heads of subsidiaries and affiliates and regional branches, including S. Tulebaev, M. Amirov, have already been vaccinated with a vaccine against coronavirus, B. Abdrashev, J. Adambaev, A. Tasybaev, A. Zhumataev, E. Esimbekov, A. Nusipkulov, A. Kulimanov, S. Razov, I. Lesbaev, N. Almagambetov, N. Zhubatov, A. Esbolov, N Islyamov, T. Alipbaev, K. Akparov and many others.

Employees of the company's labor collectives in all corners of the country are vaccinated on a daily and voluntary basis!

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