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Motor vehicles GAZ "SADKO NEXT" modification С42А43 "with a crane-manipulator FASSI М30А13

Today, June 25, 2021 In Nur-Sultan, the General Director of “Kamkor Management” Dias Suleimenov solemnly handed over to the representatives of the production branches of “Temirzhol zhundeu” Keys and documents for GAZ “SADKO NEXT” cars of modification C42A43 ”with a crane-manipulator FASSI M30A13!

Cars of the new generation of the famous line of GAZ off-road vehicles purchased for the overhaul of railway tracks combine unique cross-country ability with a high level of comfort and passenger capacity

Equipped with small mechanization for track facilities, such as screwdrivers, rail cutting and rail drilling machines, sleepers - hammers and many other tools!

All these advantages will significantly improve the conditions for overhaul of tracks in hard-to-reach areas and eliminate manual loading / unloading of equipment!

Cars were purchased for PMS Astana, PMS Aktube, PMS Birlik and PU Shar.

The solemn event was attended by representatives of the management of the branch of JSC "NC" KTZh "-" Directorate of the backbone network "Toleubai Kenzhebekov, Sayat Bakirov.

In order to maximize the satisfaction of the needs of the National Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" and to ensure quality, reliability and safety on the railways, the group of companies "Kamkor Management" constantly invests in improving technical equipment, mastering new technologies, updating construction and repair equipment.

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