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Implementation of the project "Overhaul of the highway of republican significance" Kaztalovka-Zhanibek-border of the Russian Federation "

July 2 - 4 this year a working trip and a number of production meetings on the implementation of the project "Overhaul of the highway of republican significance" Kaztalovka-Zhanibek-gr.RF "with the participation of all contractors took place.

The events were held under the leadership of Tolegen Abdullin, Chairman of the Committee for Roads of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, with the participation of the akim of the West Kazakhstan region Gali Iskaliev.

They inspected and inspected the progress of work on the sections for 53-95 km and 95-138 km. The General Director of “Kamkor Management” Dias Suleimenov together with the Managing Director for Construction and New Projects Iskandir Karsybekov took part in the working meetings.

Currently, about 300 workers are involved in the project, about 160 units of road-building equipment are involved, work has begun on the construction of a five-span bridge, work is underway to fill and seal the bypass road, the subgrade of the main road, in some sections the upper a layer of political control from soil stabilized with cement, the procurement of road-building materials is being actively carried out.

The particular importance of completing the work on time was noted and a decision was made to increase the pace of work in all areas.

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