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Personnel policy implementation in 2017

«Nurly Zhol» will be the engine of growth of Kazakhstan's economy in the coming years, which will be years of crisis for the world economy, President said. The new policy requires, first of all, the active construction of roads, thanks to which 200 thousand jobs will be created, which means employment and income growth. According to President, it is necessary to create a transport network so that there were road, rail and air lines diverging from Astana to all sides.»

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev

Implementation of the Personnel policy in 2017

The personnel policy of the Company defines the same for all the Group Organizations policy in the field of human resource management and social support of the staff.

The main objectives of the Personnel policy

§ Effective management, development and utilization of human capital to ensure timely and quality achievement of strategic objectives and challenges faced by the Group companies.

§ Creating a competitive cohesive team, aimed at technical, technological and managerial leadership in the economy of Kazakhstan.

§ Provision of better conditions for employment, career development, self-improvement, as well as material and moral well-being of workers.

§ Strengthening effective social - labor relations.

Basic principles of the Personnel policy

  • Employees of the Group of companies are the main strategic resource.
  • The company respects and values ​​employees:

· focused on the end result,

· seeking and able to work in a team,

· energetic and responsible for achieving the set goals,

· with constructive, creative and positive thinking,

· interested in professional and career growth.

  • Employees make every effort to achieve the Company's strategic objectives and serve its interests.
  • The company seeks to establish long-term employment relationship with each employee.

The main tasks of the Personnel Policy

§ Optimal placement of existing staff.

§ Filling vacancies with internal labor resources - not less than 80% of vacancies.

§ Maximum use of the personnel reserve for filling vacant posts of administrative - managerial staff - not less than 80% of AMP vacancies.

§ Ensuring the planned increase in labor productivity.

§ Staff turnover - not more than 8%.

§ Provide training safety regulations and labor protection - 100% of the workers of all categories.

§ Training of new technologies - not less than 50% of major workers.

§ Provide external training in areas related to the improvement of the management and increase of business efficiency, within the budget provided for this purpose.

§ Provide professional development and the development of young workers.

§ Providing a system of social guarantees, a scope of social services at the level of not lower than 2016.

§ Compliance of the Company’s activities with all the requirements in the field of safety, occupational safety and health of workers.

§ Provide feedback in the relationship of the Company with its labor collective.

§ Ensuring a high level of the employees’ knowledge of the state language.

§ Conduct organizational measures enhancing the teamwork, loyalty, favorable and creative atmosphere in labor collectives.

§ Monitoring of employee satisfaction in the work of the Group of companies by a poll.

§ Improvement of human resources management based on the analysis of the effectiveness of the Personnel policy and benchmarking, in order to further enhance the level of social - labor relations.

Key priorities of the Personnel policy

  • Each employee of the Company - a graduate student or a specialist with experience - this is an educated man, who knows at least three lines of business - finance, management and marketing, who is prepared to have to constantly acquire the skills to work on the most advanced equipment and the most modern production using information technologies.
  • Investments in staff training and development of the Company must comply with the demands in achieving strategic goals. The Company strives to ensure career making and development of the staff, who have been trained and have practical experience in lower production units. There develops a system of availability of accumulated knowledge and experience, of encouragement of employees to maintain knowledge up to date and to transmit information in the case of rotation. The Company develops mentoring, employees train and share their accumulated skills and knowledge with their colleagues.
  • The Company, using modern, objective and comprehensive methodology for assessing the staff, provides a high level of remuneration, promoting to the key positions of the employees who have shown high efficiency of work.
  • The Company aims not only to improve the efficiency of individual work, but have also created a corporate responsibility system for the overall result of the activities of the staff.
  • The Company aims at its employees’ becoming the engine of innovative technology course.
  • The Company aims to become a better organization thanks to a cohesive team of like-minded, realizing the common task - to become one of the leading organizations of Kazakhstan.


§ Development and implementation of the staff motivation systems, providing a motivating and transparent system of remuneration based on the level of qualification, competence and occupational effectiveness of employees, establishing a clear and direct link between salaries and the degree of performance efficiency, stimulating employee to increase productivity.

§ Organization of effective information - explanatory work among the labor collectives:

- on systems of motivation and stimulating increase in labor productivity;

- on increase in the quality of production;

- on modernization of production and investment activities;

- on enterprise employees’ compliance with health and safety.

§ Ensuring continuous increase and improvement of the quality of social - labor relations.

Innovative development and formation of personnel potential

§ The main directions of innovative development and formation of personnel potential in the sphere of railway transport are:

§ Organization of equiping learning centers with modern technical devices and systems of diagnostics and maintenance;

§ organization of the development of scientific and methodological manuals on industrial activity;

§ retraining and advanced training of PP, engineers on the development of new types of modernized technology and production processes;

§ intensive English language training of engineering and technical personnel engaged in the operation of the equipment and technology of foreign production;

§ improving the system of training and retraining of railway transport staff.

The company is actively looking for talented, motivated and energetic people who are willing to develop together with the organization, make a career, improve their skills, achieving high results in work, material well-being and self-fulfillment.

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